All schooling must be pre-arranged and booked with Becca Novia (519-939-8637)

To schedule schooling, please book at least 48 hours in advance.

You must pay advance by e-transfer to

Please take note of the allocated times, if you go over these times you will be charged for the extra time, the Farm closes no later than 8pm & we ask that you respect that our staff would also like to go home at the end of the day .

Cross Country is $75.00 per horse (inclusive of HST) Safety Vest REQUIRED at all times while mounted on the Cross Country course

Show Jumping is $55.00 for one hour (inclusive of HST), maximum of 4 horses. you MUST bring your own Jump crew to set jumps for you. Any broken poles/Fill may be subject to a. damage fee.

Both Show Jump & XC for 2 hours (Inclusive of HST) is $105.00. Safety Vest Required while on Cross Country.

Flat Schooling or Fitness Work for one hour is $35.00 (Inclusive of HST) If coming to Flat or Fitness School NO jumping is permitted and the full charge will be charged if you are spotted Jumping any obstacles on site

EVERYONE who attends our site, not just riders, are required to sign a waiver. This allows us to keep track of who has been on site and when and is part of our safety plan. We will need an email address for each attendee to send them a waiver to be signed electronically, or we will accept a scanned signed copy or a photo of a signed waiver.


If you have any questions about schooling, contact us by email on,, or text/call Becca Novia at 519-939-8637
Please allow 24 hours for a response.

Cross Country schooling

  • BYOC (Bring Your Own Coach)

  • Tadpole to Intermediate

  • Two water complexes

  • Lots of hills for conditioning of horses and coaches

Show jump schooling

  • BYOC (Bring Your Own Coach)

  • Decorated courses

  • One hour of ring time for up to 4 horse

Fitness schooling

    NO JUMPING Come out and use our hills to your advantage! Trot Sets, Gallop Sets or just hill fitness/Hacking! 1 Hour on the property to roam around our beautifully groomed paths.