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996300 Mulmur-Tosorontio Town Line, Mulmur, ON L9V 0N2


contact information and directions

Contact Amanda at (416) 319-9567 or Charlotte at (289) 231-2110 or (either Amanda or Charlotte will respond)

996300 Mulmur-Tosorontio Town Line

Mulmur, Ontario

L9V 0N2

Please contact Jo Young directly regarding lessons at or 1-705-435-5353.

NOTE:  If you use Google Maps on your phone, make sure that you choose the “996300 Mulmur-Tosorontio Townline, Mulmur” address, not the “996300 Mulmur-Tosorontio Townline, Lisle” address. 

2021 Tentative show schedule

schooling shows, eventing kindergarten and more....


We wanted to drop in and keep you all updated for the month ahead, pending the provincial stay at home order potentially being lifted June 2nd, 2021. We are making plans and back up plans and back up, back up plans.  Sorry for the length of this message. So many details….

  1. We are waiting to see if the government opens outdoor recreation as it has hinted it may do on June 2nd. We consider our schooling and judged schooling (Eventing Kindergarten) to fall under this category. 

  2. Opening outdoor recreation is not the only issue.  We also need to know if the government continues restrictions on how many people can congretate together outside. 

  • If we are only allowed groups of 5, we won’t be able to run an Eventing Kindergarten, but we can run organized schooling for groups of 5.  

  • If we are allowed to have groups of more than 5 on site, we think that we can run an Eventing Kindergarten weekend if all our participants comply with the restrictions.

      3.  If we are able to run our Eventing Kindergarten, we will need volunteers! Check out our website and sign up if you are able to join us!  We will need a minimum of 20 people.  If we can only run schooling days, we will need 5 people.

      4. Our tentative schedule for June would include the following dates:

  • June 5-6 - Eventing Kindergarten I (max 60 competitors) or schooling days (max 40 riders).

  • June 12 - OEA Schooling Day (TO BE RESCHEDULED)

  • June 19-20 - Eventing Kindergarten II (max 60 competitors) or schooling days (max 40 riders)

  • Our July date (July 3/4 Eventing Kindergarten III) will remain in the schedule.

     5. We will soon open entries for the June 5-6 date.  It will be complicated (sorry).  You will be asked to identify on the entry the following:

  • if we can’t run the EK, do you want to attend schooling.  If so, which day (Saturday or Sunday)

  • the name of every person coming with you (max 2 + your coach).

  • Parking details so we know who you are trailering with and can assign spots. 

     6. Incomplete entries will not be accepted.  It is the responsibility of participants to notify us of any changes regarding who is coming with you and to ensure that a signed waiver is completed and sent it before the show date.  We will NOT be sending any reminder emails.  If you show up with someone who is not registered in advance, you will not be permitted on the property and will not be issued a refund. 

    7. There will be no wait list. If we are oversubscribed for June 5/6, anyone who is not successful in entering the June 5/6 show will be offered a spot in the June 19-20 EK. 

Subject to COVID-19 Restrictions, here is our tentative schedule for 2021:

Eventing Kindergarten Series:

Ontario Eventing Association Show:

  • June 12 - OEA Schooling Day (TBD)

  • August 22

Mid-week Schooling Nights

  • TBD