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996300 Mulmur-Tosorontio Town Line, Mulmur, ON L9V 0N2


contact information and directions

Contact Amanda at (416) 319-9567 or Charlotte at (289) 231-2110 or (either Amanda or Charlotte will respond)

996300 Mulmur-Tosorontio Town Line

Mulmur, Ontario

L9V 0N2

Please contact Jo Young directly regarding lessons at or 1-705-435-5353.

NOTE:  If you use Google Maps on your phone, make sure that you choose the “996300 Mulmur-Tosorontio Townline, Mulmur” address, not the “996300 Mulmur-Tosorontio Townline, Lisle” address. 

2021 Tentative show schedule

schooling shows, eventing kindergarten and more....

Subject to COVID-19 Restrictions, here is our tentative schedule for 2021:

Eventing Kindergarten Series:

  • May 8/9

  • June 5/6

  • July 3/4 

  • Aug 7/8

  • Oct 23/24 (Hallowe’en Extravaganza)

Ontario Eventing Association Show:

  • August 22

Mid-week Schooling Nights

  • TBD