***NOTE we are current closed for schooling due to lack of rain.  We will re-open with our schooling/mini-cross country trials on July 11th

We are open for schooling by appointment.  For cross-country schooling you must bring someone with you, preferrably a certified coach.   For show jump schooling it has been recommended that we limit who has physical contact with our jumps.  If you woud like to show jump school, we will have to set the jumps for you. Please contact us for more details.  

Groups are limited to 10 people (based on current public health requirements) including all humans whether riders, helpers or coaches.  

To schedule schooling, please book at least 48 hours in advance by sending an email to, or text/call Charlotte Hodgson at 1-289-231-2110.  Please allow 24 hours for a response. 

You must pay advance on line by using our shopify on-line payments (below), or by e-transfer to $60.00 per horse, or $200 for a group of four. 

To avoid handling any physical paperwork, we are having waivers signed electronically.  During the COVID-19 restrictions, EVERYONE who attends our site, not just riders, are required to sign a waiver.  This allows us to keep track of who has been on site and when and is part of our safety plan.  We will need an email address for each attendee to send them a waiver using Adobe Sign.  If anyone in your group is not technically proficient, we will accept a scanned signed copy or a photo of a signed waiver.  To preview the waiver, click here

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