On-Line Entry and Fee Payment Eventing Kindergarten

For Eventing Kindergarten please complete the on-line entry form. 

Entries Close the Monday before the show (May 13, 2019, August 12, 2019, September 9, 2019).  A late fee of $25.00 will be charged for entries received after the Closing Date (if we can accept them).  Entries will only be considered received if both the form and payment have been recieved. 

Cancellations will be reimbursed if received before the closing date, less an administration fee of $20.00, or you may choose to be given a credit for another 2019 show.  

For the Saturday May 18, 2019 OEA Schooling Days, please complete the OEA Entry Form and pay on the OEA Website here.

For Sunday May 19, 2019 Competition click here.

For the August 17/18 Eventing Kindergarten and Schooling Show click here.

For the September 14/15 Eventing Kindergarten and Schooling Show click here.

Step 2 - Payment Options for Eventing Kindergarten Sunday May 19, Sat/Sun August 17/18 and Sat/Sun Sept 14/15

1.   Send e-transfer to amanda@witsendhorsetrials.ca   - Please add HST.  $110.00 plus $14.30 HST  = $124.30 for Sunday May 19.  

2.  Pay on-line through our Shopify Account using your credit card below. 

Step 3 - You will receive an email confirming your entry once payment is received

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