Eventing Kindergarten Series

The Eventing Kindergarten Series is intended as an introduction to the sport of eventing, an opportunity for competitors to introduce their green horses to showing, and an opportunity to upgrade from one level to the next in a low stress, reduced cost, high fun environment.

Each show includes a Saturday schooling day where participants can ride in the dressage ring and school the show jumping and cross country courses with their coaches.  Sunday is a competition day.   

Generally, we follow the eventing rules.  Riders must wear appropriate helmets at all times and safety vests for cross-country (ASTM Certified).  Show jackets and braiding are strictly voluntary.  Riders who fall off are eliminated but may, at the discretion of the organizers and medics, complete the phases of the show. 

All competitors must have Ontario Equestrian memberships. 

Dates for the EK Series:  May 18/19, August 17/18, October 26/27

Entry Fees

Saturday Schooling Only -  $84.75 ($75.00 + $9.75 HST).  This includes the ambulance fee.  

Sunday Competition Only - $124.30 ($110. + $14.30 HST).  This includes the ambulance fee

Both Days:  $200.00 ($177.00 + $23.00 HST). This includes the ambulance fee for both days.

Dressage only(Sunday):   $40.00 ($35.40 + $4.60 HST)

Costume class (Sunday):  $15.00 ($13.27 + $1.73 HST) * $10.00 per entry fee will be distributed as prize money for a Adult  (19 and up) and Junior (18 and under) Class.  


Junior Division (18 and under in 2019)

Mums, Dads and over 50’s Division (for the mums and dads and weekend warriors to give the sport at try)

Open Division (for everyone else) 


The Leaderboard and Ribbons

Ribbons from 1st to 6th place

For each shows, points will be allocated as follows:

1st place - 10 points

2nd place - 9 points

3rd place - 8 points

4th place - 7 points

5th place - 6 points

6th place - 5 points

All others not eliminated - 1 point

Prizes for the overall winners of the series will be given out at the October 27th show.  

The current leaderboard is here

Dressage Tests (Note the Pre-Training and Training tests have changed after the May 19th show)

For Tadpole click here

For Pre-Entry click here

For Entry click here

For Pre-Training click here

For Training click here

Cross Country Courses for the Hallowe’en Eventing Kindergarten on October 26/27 are here:

For Tadpole click https://en.mycoursewalk.com/coursewalks/18451

For Pre-Entry click https://en.mycoursewalk.com/coursewalks/18452

For Entry click https://en.mycoursewalk.com/coursewalks/18453

For Pre-Training click https://en.mycoursewalk.com/coursewalks/18456

For Training click https://en.mycoursewalk.com/coursewalks/18455

Schedule - October 26/27, 2019 Eventing kindergarten

The schedule for Saturday is posted here.

The competitor list for the Costume class is posted here.

The schedule for Sunday is posted here.


We have our own Dressage Tests for the Eventing Kindergarten series which are posted here:

will be forwarded to competitors when they enter the show.  Tadpole division is a walk/trot test.  

The jump heights and speeds for show jumping and cross-country are set out below.   

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